Dee Titus


Dee and Tzilla Titus, ca. 1889, Charlotte, Michigan

Dudley Roy Titus “Dee” was born 19 June 1885 in Charlotte, Michigan. He died 21 March 1939 in Los Angeles. Tzilla Lila Titus was born 17 September 1888 in Charlotte. She died on 13 April 1979 in Portland.

Dee was the adventurous brother. He raced automobiles and was a bit of a wanderer. In 1919, he returned from California where he was living with his new wife and visited his father and sister Florence in Portland.


Will Titus, Florence Titus, Dee Titus

In 1939, he was working for the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) as a foreman. It was a time when the Los Angeles River was flooding, and he worked long hours. The exertion and exhaustion put stress on his heart. Two weeks later he was dead. The cause was listed as cor pulmanle and acute heart failure.[1]

Dee’s father owned a family burial plot in Rose City Cemetery. Dee’s mother Susan, and his brother Neil was there. Will made arrangements for Dee’s ashes to be delivered to Portland where they would join the family. On 28 March, the ashes were received, and they were placed in the cemetery.[2]

[1] State of California Department of Public Health Vital Statistics, Permit for Removal and Burial (1939), Dudley R. Titus.

[2] The Year 1939 (Holyoke, Mass.: National Blank Book Company, 1939).



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